My Top 10

  1. Jesus, My Lord and King—worshipping Him, serving Him and communing with Him. He fills me up so I can pour myself out.
  2. The Love of My Life—relaxing at the beach, hiking in the mountains or just hanging at home with my husband, a.k.a Pastorhubs, and our Siamese cat Gigi.
  3. Kids—my own–laughing with them, celebrating their interests, and watching them flourish. I also love other people’s kids. A lot.
  4. Pennsylvania–where my parents and extended family live, where I grew up, and the only county hosting both Shady Maple and Achenbach’s Pastries, which are crucial eateries at every visit.
  5. Friends—once I latch on to you, there is no breaking free. Beware! Many of my dearest friends are from elementary school and high school. Friends have molded me, supported me and loved me in more ways that I can remember.
  6. Fitness—running, cycling or strength class and healthy eating, (Well, almost. See #4, #9, and #10).
  7. My Library—I know, Nerd Alert. However, IMCPL has supported my classroom, at home and at school, for over 20 years. I could not ever be the teacher I am without this lovely service to my community.
  8. Words—reading them, writing them, scrawling them into scrapbook pages, weaving them into hand-written thank you notes and letters (yes, that fine art is still alive), studying their meanings in different languages and selecting the exact one for a specific occasion. I even choose a “Word of the Year,” to guide my thoughts and path.
  9. Baking—I come from a long line of seasoned cooks. Pastorhubs often jokes that he “married me for my baking genes.” I’m known for sweets, especially my icing, and my friends eagerly open their arms each Christmas to my cookie platters.
  10. Dark Chocolate—no need for an explanation!